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Hello World!

07 January 2015

Hola amigos!

This is just a cliché hello world! post. To know about me and why I’ve started this website, please visit the about section. I wanted to start my blog with a technical (security related) post, but I’ve not been able to read anything interesting, as I’m currently enjoying most of my time with my family in India. Anyways, I’ll just give a quick introduction to what you can expect from the website.

This site is an attempt to improve my knowledge and writing skills, by contributing something useful, back to the security community. It will also act as a useful resource for the beginners who are interested in topics such as Cryptography, Application Security and Network Security. I will try to explain things/concepts in simple terms in order to target different types of readers at different levels of understanding. However, I beleive that the posts and the resources I’ll be sharing, will be of great use to current graduate/undergrad students, who are willing to pursue a career in Security.

Feel free to email me, if you want me to share something specific or need any advice/help. Please feel free to do the same or leave a comment below, if you have any advice for me or any comment regarding anything on this website. We are all here to learn. That’s what life is all about!

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned…